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Overseeing the Well-Being and Planning for the School

The School Board and Governours are an elected group of members from the school, community and parish.


Financial Administration and Forward Planning

The School Board is responsible for the financial administration as well as forward planning for Sacred Heart School. Members of the School Board meet monthly and the Board consists of between eight and ten members as follows:


1. School Principal and Parish Priest as ex-officio members;

2. Four-six members elected from the School Community;

3. A Parish Representative.


Annual General School Board Meeting (November)

An Annual General School Board Meeting is held in November each year and members are elected to the School Board at this meeting. The criteria for members are as follows:

1. Possession of special skills that will be an asset to the Board;

2. A deep interest in the welfare of all students and staff;

3. A desire to give service to the Catholic School Community;

4. A keenness to promote Catholic schooling;

5. An ability to work co-operatively and constructively with all other members of the Board;

6. A sufficient amount of time to devote to Board duties.

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